So when building websites one the important things is to have photos, images, diagrams, etc.  The problem so often is with the photos as supplied by clients.  In this day and age everybody thinks themselves to be expert photographers.  How can you fail with all the fancy digital, automatic everything cameras.  Aim in the general direction, shoot and presto we have a perfect web photo.  If only it was that easy.

The problem with lots of folks is that they don’t know the first thing about good photography and what impact it will have on their website.  The photos we get from clients are often woefully bad.  I mean, why would someone spend thousands on a classy new website only to load it up with horribly inadequate photography ?  Well, we see it all the time.

This article is not meant to provide lessons on the finer points of web photography but I would like to urge people in charge of the website for their company to very seriously consider hiring a professional  to provide high quality web photography / videography for their high quality website.  Remember, on the web all visitors know about a company is what they see on their website … and first impressions are lasting ones.