Most business people seem to think that a website essentially acts like a 24/7 sales person … well, they are right and like sales staff, some are better at it than others (and many are quite abysmal).   It does that and performs a few other services that many people probably aren’t aware of.

It starts with the idea that a graphically well designed site should look very pleasing and provide its company with a refined, sophisticated and admired image. 

So, if the site looks crappy, it makes the company look crappy.

Next, the site should be a source of information about the products and / or services the company offers.  That may seem self explanatory but have a look at many sites and you’ll not find the specific technical data you’re looking for.  So, put that info out there on a public or private (limited to certain customers) basis and people will come looking for it. 

That’s called traffic and traffic on your site means sales in the door.

Then there are sales.  Sure you want that site to magically grab visitors and turn them into customers … just like that.  The phone will ring off the hook – lovely thought that.   Unfortunately it’s not the reality for many companies.  Instead think of the website more like a sales assistant who’s constantly on standby.  It works like that when your sales staff is on the phone with a (potential) customer who will be asking questions about specific products or services.  It’s always quite impressive when your sale rep can say: “please go to our website and in the products section you will find complete specs, write-up and photos  of  the product and also in downloadable Pdf format”.  And you can discuss it while on the phone and your customer is reading info and looking at photos.

Now that’s what closes sales !