So as a web developer, here’s one of my (admittedly many) pet peeves … and it’s 2-fold.  First, why are they called ITInformation Technologies – at all ?  Really, if you think about, Computer Hardware & Software Support is far more accurate.  So we should refer to them as CHSS guys (or girls).  Website designers and creators would more accurately referred to as IT people – we really do deal in Information Technologies.

And here is the second part of it.  Quite regularly, when we meet with clients for a web project, they insist on involving the “IT guy”.  Even worse, some companies (they shall remain nameless but know who they are) actually use their IT staff to build and maintain websites.  I mean, that’s like getting the structural engineer to do interior design.  He may be a very good engineer but what does he know about interior design ?  Answer: essentially nothing.  And so the result is quite predictable: poor.

For those who would take issue with my reasoning, image this:  the company needs to upgrade / install a new server and calls in the IT guy.  To the big surprise of the IT guy the boss has also brought in the web designers so they can vet everything the IT team plans to do.  Make any sense ?  No ?  Exactly, and that’s my point.