Everybody is a Web Designer

So why is it that people go to a professional car mechanic to get their car fixed ? And they go to a dentist for their teeth ? They call a plumber for plumbing issues and electricians to handle electrical issues, etc. ? Well, because it makes sense to call a professional if you […]

Over 10 years of experience with Joomla! in Calgary

We have over 10 years experience in Joomla! web development and Joomla! web design. Our Joomla! web services include:

Joomla! web hosting
Joomla! template design
Joomla! web development
Joomla! custom components
Joomla! custom modules
Basically we can do any Joomla! related stuff…

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JOOMLA! Modules, Components, Plugins

Discover how to optimize your business with our Joomla! modules, componets and plugins.

Most popular Joomla! components are:
A simple newsletter module with subscriber management, newsletter campaign management, newsletter campaign statistics and HTML/image embedding capabilities. Easily stay in touch with your clients in Calgary and beyond by sending them weekly, monthly, or […]

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JOOMLA! Features

Add or change your web content in no time with 0 web experience
Modules, Components and Plugins that will enhance your website
100% optimized for search engines (you can add meta content and keywords for each page)
100 % Web Databased, no additional hardware or software required. Based on PHP and MySQL databases
Unlimited administration levels

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Joomla! give you flexibility in adding, editing and maintaining content in no time
Using Joomla! your web maintenance costs will be 0 (no extra maintenance costs)

Joomla! reduce time to publish any type of content to world wide web
Joomla! have user friendly interface for non-technical individuals
Joomla! enable collaboration across all offices or levels of authorization (INTRANET)
Joomla! […]

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Manage your own website with Joomla!

CanadaWeb Inc. offers Joomla! content management system designed for anyone from your company. Anybody can manage a Joomla! website with NO web experience.

Joomla!  allows anybody with 0 web experience to update, add, and publish any type of content to their website in real – time based on user name and password. Different […]

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